Hexarelin - 10mg Magnus

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Product name: Ipamorelin - 5mg

Substance: Peptide

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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                                 Hexarelin-10mg Magnus

Hexarelin can be used medically to treat Growth Hormone deficiency. It is a peptide Growth Hormone has similar structure to GHRP-6 which stimulates the release of growth hormone.


Although Hexarelin is becoming a first choice as a performance boosting drug. Hexarelin is live available from many research companies and brands.


As Hexarelin has ability to increase secretion of natural Growth Hormone, most of its effects are same as synthetic growth hormones.

Effects of its use are: Increase in strength, rejuvenation of joints, protection of neurons,

Increase the size of muscle fibers, Growth of new muscle fibers, Healing and protection. Receptors of growth hormones present in adipose tissue allow for potential fat reduction with Hexarelin use. Through the Hexarelin use levels of insulin-like Growth Factor    (IGF-1) rise in the liver. IGF-1 is the prime cause of muscle growth in response to Growth Hormone stimulation.

There is no hunger enhancement with Hexarelin use due to its inability to drastically increase Gherkin levels that are responsible for added hunger and quicker gastric emptying.

Technical Data

In studies where Hexarelin was injected to body subcutaneously, growth hormones increased significantly and within thirty minutes of injection. After the four hours of injection the growth hormone levels decrease back to normal. The growth hormone increase, has been found to be effective up to 2mg/kg, ant further increase in dose was found to be ineffective in causing a growth hormone response

Hexarelin’s effect on growth hormone stimulation tapered between weeks 4 through 16. Separation cycles by 4 week off periods, avoided the negative feedback loop and the next cycle of Hexarelin produced the same level of results as the first cycle.

Buy Online:

You can buy Hexarelin online from any online research chemical supply company. This will be the only place most will find it, and you will find the majority of related online vendors do not sell it. It can be one of most expensive peptides available online and while not carried by all is carried by enough to find it. If you decide to buy Hexarelin online it is imperative that you first understand the laws of your country as thay can vary from one to the next. In U.S. only research purposes such a purchase is legal. You cannot legally buy Hexarelin online for individual personal use.

User Notes


I used Hexarelin awhile back , dose of about 200mg?day, and found it to be very effective for healing of injuries, burning a bit of fat, and helped me to gain of muscles.

One of my friend who is powerlefter, he use Hexarelin to heal an old injury and  train pain free while on it. My friend have said that 400 mcg/day of Hexarelin gave him similar results to low doses of growth hormones

Overall, Hexarelin is a good all purpose anabolic. Since we know that growth hormones use produces a shutdown of your endogenous levels of those hormones, Hexarelin also seen very useful for “GH-PCT” or “IGF-PCT”, as it can help restore your natural levels of those hormones after cycle of them.