Epithalon Peptide Magnus

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Active ingredient: 10mg Epithalon Synthetically-derived tetrapeptides

anti-aging peptide

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Epithalon peptide magnus

There are few substances which can activate the enzyme telomerase Epithalon peptide is the one of them. The Epithalon renews the telomeres, which regulate the cell division. At each cell division the telomeres become shorter, so that the replication error can enter the replication process with increase age and cell dies off as soon as telomeres are completely degraded. To increase the cell’s life time, Telomeres can be rebuilt in simplified manner by the increased activity of the telomerase. The complex processes surrounding the telomeres are one of the main factors responsible for aging processes.

Epithalon peptide information:

Borne the epithalamine is among the most important task of the body. As well as eiphalon peptide include the regulation of metabolism and pineal gland.  Its also produce the very important hormone melatonin. That increases the sensitivity of the hypothalamus, which is among other things for all possible vital functions and various hormonal distributions. The normalization of the hormonal responsiveness of the adenohypophysis the most important part the the pituitary gland and regulation of the level of gonadotropins. The germinal glands stimulating melatonin as well as sex hormones in the human body. And optimize hormonal responses to growth and aging processes as well as stress influences and oxidation processes.

Epithalon peptide and Telomerase:

There are few substance which can active the enzyme telomerase, epithalon peptide is one of them. This enzyme works to renewa the telomeres, which is preset at the end of the chromosomes protect the human genome from damage, as well as regulate cell division. These telomeres become shorter and shorter at each cell division, so that on the one hand, aging error can occure in the new formation processes and the respective cell dies off as soon as the telomeres are degraded. Telomerea can be rebuilt a simplified manner by the increased activity of the telomerase, so that the cellular lifetime increases the prosses mentioned are one of the main factor for any aging process.

Epithalon peptide dosage and administration

Epithalon peptide works best when injected subcutaneously. Epithalin peptide can be used both a cure over a period of 2-3 weeks, in which 5-10 mg per day are injected. Or epithalin should injected throughout the year 5mg daily. For example a cure is suitable when illness related factorsshould be combated to which epithalon peptide has a positive effect. Epithalon peptide is constantly used to achieve the constant anti aging effect and to incress overall health, counteract disease and constantly optimize the hormonal balance.