Kamagra Tablets to water Ajanta 7 tabs [100mg/tab]

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Product: Cialis Tablets 
Manufacturer: Ajanta
Quantity: 100 mg/tablet
Pack: 7 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sexual health

Active substance: Sildenafil Citrate

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Kamagra Tablets to Water Ajanta 7 tabs 100mgtab

This drug is used for problems such as erectile dysfunction. The active component which is present in this drug is sildenafil. Basically, this drug is used for the relaxation of the smooth muscles and for increasing the blood flow in the penis. This drug only acts if a person is sexually aroused and it is effective only at that time. This drug is the inhibitor of an enzyme cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase 5. And it is basically the vasodilator which dilates the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the tissues of the muscles. This drug is used to eliminate the erectile dysfunction of inability to achieve or maintain good and long-time penis hardness, suitable for making full sexual intercourse. This drug only responds to the sexually aroused person, means in order to get its full response to the man who uses this need to reach full sexual excitement. This drug helps to normalize the erection of the penis due to its impact on the enzymes involved in the process of sexual arousal, and allows the penis to comes into the erect state. NO is involved in the process of vessels dilation which increases the blood flow in the muscle tissues of the penis. NO act, not itself, it also acts through the activation of the other mediator called cGMP. This drug inhibits the activity of an enzyme that destroys the cGMP molecule. Thus this mediator shall be extended, longer vessels are dilated and the penis is in become the flaccid state due to the destruction of the cGMP.

The course and dosage:

This drug should be taken before the 40 minutes of sexual intercourse. And it is very important to take this with the recommendation of the doctor. Take this drug simultaneously with some food intake with a plenty of water. This intake helps you to avoid the intestinal disorders. This drug act for more than 4 hours after its intake. The intake of this drug is depending on the sensitivity of the individual the dose varies from 25mg to 100mg. This drug is suitable when it is taken daily at the same time. Fatty food and alcoholic drinks decrease its efficiency rate. you need to consult to a doctor before its use. It is not recommended for the persons below 18 years of age and for women as well. It should not be taken with some other medicine. It should be taken before the  40 minutes of sexual activity. And it is recommended that take 25mg of the drug first time.

Side Effects:

There are some cases of the side effects of this drug. In a case of overdose and individual sensitivity case the person may go through the state of dizziness, swelling of the face, severe headache, blurred vision, swelling of the neck, lips and nasal congestion, a person can also face the shortness of breath, some allergic reactions and as well as chest pain. The allergic reaction includes some rashes on the body and acne on the body parts. He can also the face the severe pain in the extremities of the body, long and painful erection, palpitation, painful urination, abdominal pain, hypertension, and weakness. So it is recommended for those persons who are having some cardiovascular system disease, hypertension, GPON, some eye disease, and allergies to not to take this drug for sexual activity.