IGF 1 LR 3 - 1mg - BIO-PEPTIDE

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Product: IGF 1 LR 3

Manufacturer: Bio Peptide
Quantity: 1mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle: IGF 1 LR 3

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IGF 1 LR 3 - 1mg - BIO-PEPTIDE


IGF-1 LR3 is a recombinant human polypeptide chain of 83 amino acids. It is an analogue of human IGF-1, consisting of the complete human IGF-1, replacing the sequence Glu (E), the Arg (R) at position three. The structure has also added 13 amino acid for extension of peptide according to the N terminus. Overall, it is more biologically active version of the original IGF-1.


IGF-LR3 is manufactured by Bio Peptide from Hong Kong. This is a hormone that is produced in the liver and usually known as endocrine hormone. It is considered as the most effective form of IGF. IGF-LR3 is a recombinant human polypeptide sequence consisting of 83 amino acids. IGF-LR3 is similar of human IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) replacing the chain Glutamic Acid (Glu or E) by the Arginine (Arg or R) at position three (hence R3). This simulation was created to increase biological activities of the IGF Peptides, a natural ingredient produced in the human body. This hormone reaches the highest level in puberty with for the natural growth of muscles that occurs over the years of adolescence.

Side effects:

The common side effect is some of hypoglycemia symptoms which include:

  1.      Dizziness
  2.      Drowsiness
  3.      Hunger (often extreme)
  4.      Depression
  5.      Sweating
  6.      Palpitations
  7.      Tremors
  8.      Headache
  9.      Slurred Speech
  10.      Inability to Concentrate
  11.      Anxiety
  12.      Abnormal Behavior


Common cycle length is 3-5 weeks (some athletes doing 6 weeks cycle)
Beginners: 20-40mcg / daily
Hobby: 40-80 mcg / daily
Professional Range: 60-200 mcg / daily
Woman: 10 – 30 mcg every day or every other day
Half-life: 20-30 hours.

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Not useable in case of:

  1.     If the user of medicine is already suffering from any severe disease like any Tumor or cancer.
  2.     If the patient is allergic to the meta-Cresol compound.
  3.     Not recommended for the children who are weak in bones and suffering from closed epiphyses.
  4.     If the patient is suffering from open heart surgery or stomach surgery, any trauma or breathing failure issues.
  5.     If the patient is diabetic.

Consult the doctor and physician before use and for proper dosage recommendation because overdose or self-medication can result in exaggerated problems like sweating, nausea, hunger, drowsiness, increase blood sugar levels etc.