Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml

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Product:Trenbolone Enanthate
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Enanthate

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Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml

Description: Trenbolone, Manufactured by Genesis Pharmakon Labs, Injectable steroids, with Active Substance trenbolone enanthate, with package size 10ml vial, (200mg/ml), active life of 16 days.

Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml

It is used as an anticatabolic steroid. Helps in a rapid recovery of damaged tissue. Muscular pains

can be treated with the help of this steroid.

Trenbolone is used to increase the glucose levels that are very much needed for muscle growth.

It is used for increasing DNA level in the body.

Dosage details of Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml:

  1.      The normal dosage range is from 50 mg to 400 mg for 4 weeks.
  2.      400 mg is the maximum range of trenbolone enanthate injected into your muscle for every 2 Weeks.

Doctors and physicians recommend this drug to sportsmen and bodybuilders for increasing proteins, recovery of energy and overall Physical development by stimulating the androgens, it binds the tissues of the fat production cells.

Benefits of using Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml:

1. This medicine helps to increase blood glucose.

2. This drug helps to cut down cortisol.

3. It also decreases the fats in the body.

4. This medicine helps to increase in libidos

5. This medicine helps to increase in sexual desire

6. It helps to increase in appetite and desire for eating more

7. It helps to gain an increase muscle mass rapidly

8. It helps to increase in weight

9. It helps to improve erectile functions

10. Helps in growth of sex hormones

How to use Trenbolone Enanthate Genesis (200 mg/ml) 10 ml:

  1.      Before taking this medicine discuss your previous and present medical records.
  2.      Take according to the prescription of your doctor
  3.      Keep it at room temperature
  4.      Store it in a cool place
  5.      Don't take a high dosage
  6.      Daily monitor your medical condition
  7.      Check before use
  8.      Keep it away from humidity and sunlight
  9.      Keep it away from the reach of children.

This steroid is believed to help to gain weight up to ten kilos within a course of 8 weeks with

proper diet and exercise. This product is also beneficial to recover muscles and help in gaining

muscle mass. It is effective for treatment of injuries and reduce swellings and prevents cortisol, glucocorticoid diseases.

This prescription is for those who are having low levels of testosterone. including development and improvement in sexual characteristics, muscles, and bones.

Not useable in case of:

  1.     If the user of medicine is already suffering from any severe disease like any Tumor or cancer.
  2.     If the patient is allergic to the meta-Cresol compound.
  3.     Not recommended for the children who are weak in bones and suffering from closed epiphyses.
  4.     If the patient is suffering from open heart surgery or stomach surgery, any trauma or breathing failure issues.
  5.     If the patient is diabetic.

Consult the doctor and physician before use and for proper dosage recommendation because overdose or self-medication can result in exaggerated problems like sweating, nausea, hunger, drowsiness, increase blood sugar levels etc.

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