If you prefer payment by credit card there is two options.

First - you can use - www.Wordremit.com or www.transferwise.com.
It is easy online payment method.
Second option is Western union online.

More info cotact us: info@isteroidi.it

We accept payment via Bank transfer (WIRE).

All necessary wire information is included with your order confirmation, which is sent to you immediately after placing your order. Direct Bank Transfer is cheap, safer, reliable, yet somewhat harder to use, compared to International Money Transfer.

Some of the features using Direct Bank Transfer are:

- If you are using Internet/Online banking, it is extremely easy and convenient for you to make a transfer.
- You can make a transaction using your Bank account - no hassle with cash.
- Payment fee is only couple of percents, depending on your bank. We don't accept payment by Bank transfer where we pay your bank transfer fee. This fee is your responsibility! In the EU are the fees for free.
- Payment is normally cleared within 1-2 business day.

For detailed information on how to make a Direct Bank Transfer please contact your local bank, the one that will make the transfer for you.