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MGF 5mg Magnus

MGF known as Mechano Growth Factor is splice variant of insulin-Like Growth   Factor-1 (IGF-1). This hormone is largely responsible for the healing of damaged muscles tissue post exercise or any other activity that cause damage to the muscle tissue.

MGF Functions and Traits

IGF is structurally similar to insulin consisting of 70 amino acid. IGD-1 production is stimulated by the production and release of Growth Hormone in the body produced by theliver. Predominantly as it pertains to cellular repair IGF-1 affects nearly every cell in the human body. When muscle tissue damaged, this creates a response in the body that causes IGF-1 to be spliced into two variants, IGF-1 Ec and IGF-1Ea, the former being MGF.

Functions of MGF are slightly confusing, but the process itself is rather simple when you look at it step but step:

  1.      IGF-1 is released due to exercise
  2.      IGF-1 is Spliced to MGF
  3.      MGF activates the muscle tissue via activates the muscle stem cells.

Effects of MGF

Effects of MGF can be cover into two words hypertrophy and recovery. MGF release into thebody is beneficial for any athlete or fitness enthusiast regardless of bulking, cutting or any other phase he may be in. the release of MGF occurs sometime normally.

Precaution of MGF

Pain or irritation at the injected area is amost common complaint, which normally refers to a sore or itchy feeling at the injected site.

MGF administration

MGF is an injectable peptide that is injected directly into muscle with the help of an insulin needle. The normal or standard dose is 200mcg per injection, normally used for no morethan four weeks. The users who surpass within the four weeks of use may find benefits quickly fall due to an adaption. For optimal results, many will supplements with MGF for four weeks and then IGF-1 for four weeks. Using both MGF and IGF-1 at the same time on the same day would prove counterproductive, as they would compete with each other. Unfortunately,data is not fully conclusive in term of what officially most effective.

MGF is found in freeze-dried form and mixed with a sterile solution and must remain refrigerated once reconstitute. MGF should remain stable and potent for up to six months post-mixing. It must be reiterated, for a stable MFG experience, the user will typically find PEG-MGF to be only MGF product worth using.

MGF reviews

Standard MGF is very difficult to control and often hard to obtain worthwhile benefits with due to the small window of acceptable administration time. Due to the reason, MGF that makes a sense to use PEG-MGF. The addition of PEG is simply a polyethylene glycol that increases the half-life of the MGF. It is not toxic and presents no damage to the hormone or body.

For the anabolic steroid user who is in between steroid cycles, MGF can also be very suitable option. With this product there is no testosterone suppression. The most gains to be made will be seen when used with anabolic store.