BPC 157 - 10mg Magnus

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Product name: BPC 157 - 10mg
Substance: Peptide
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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BPC 157 10mg Magnus

BPC is peptide having a specific sequence of amino acid. This drug is derived from the gastric juice of human beings. It has healing activities of higher level. This protein is actually developed in order to assist with the inflammatory bowel syndrome and gastric ulcers. It can help to enhance the intestinal re sectioning and healing and reattach bone and muscle to tendon

Benefits of BPC 157

 BPC have the following benefits:

A study conducted on rats revealed that BPC 157 is capable of healing detached tendon, that have been torn or crushed into damaged muscles.

Muscles tears are seen to be dramatically fast.

Ligament healing increased exceptionally.

Trials conducted on human beings demonstrated prevention as well as healing of ulcers of human stomach

It also help is perdidontitis.

No adverse or negative reactions were seen in trials conducted on human beings.

Mixing with BAC:

a bottle has its content in the form of powder and first to reconstitute the powder. Then add the bacteriostatic water in it.

Determine the right amount of BAC. Fills water fully to the 3 insulin syringes, then slowly inject the syringes, one by one into BPC 157’s bottle. While doing this one should remember that the peptides are very fragile in the nature


After the reconstitution it should keep away from the heat, sunlight and UV rays. If keep in refrigerator, it should be kept far from the things, which might jostle the bottle around or knock the bottle over


The product is effective systematically if taken or injected once every day at anywhere starting from 1 to 10mcg per kilogram of body weight.  Some reported that the most successful dosing twice each day with the 250-350 mcg for the 500-700mcg each day. It is clear that there is variability among users in dosage recommendations.


It can be use as subcutaneously or intramuscularly injection or can be taken orally.

Subcutaneously is very easy and pain-free method which can be done near the effected area easily. On the other side intramuscularly injection is a painful method that is sometime compared to getting stabbed in the muscle that is closest to injury. Taking the BCP is a straight forward method . one just have to spray the drug in the mouth and then has to hold the drug in his mouth for 90 to 120 sec and then just swallow.

Subcutaneously injection are relatively simple provided one has no problem with needles. Interamusclar injections can be easily considered as the toughest.


The product is cheap and it result are the well worth the money. It is capable of strengthening one’s weak muscles, joints or connective tissue permanently as compare ot placebo supplements where it gives good result till the moment it stays. The general price for treatment are comparatively very higher.

Uses in sports

Various peptide hormone are use as growth factor and related substance as well as mimetic are actually not legal for their use in all sports that are governed by body.