​​Kigtropin 20 i.u. China Injection

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Manufacturer: Igtropin, China.

Substance: Somatropin.

Package: 20 IU. 

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Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

pituitary release the growth hormones in the human body. It is present at the bottom of the brain. Recombinant growth hormone is identical in composition and effects of the human growth hormone pituitary. It is a polypeptide comprising of 191 amino acids. Its biological activity is about 3 IU / mg. it plays an important role in the body. It stimulates the skeletal growth of the body and helps in the weight gain. It stimulates the transport of amino acid into the cell. It accelerates the synthesis of intracellular proteins and showing the effects of this anabolic mode.  It causes a delay in the body of nitrogen, mineral salts such as calcium phosphorous and sodium and liquid. It helps in increasing the blood glucose level in the body.

The dosage of the ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

It does is in the form of injection. The dosage of​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection is varied from person to person, it injected as the body weight of the person in kg. so it set individually. usually, it injected sc/k 0.07 per 0.1 IU / kg 1× / day, and in some cases, its uses for 0.14 to 0.2 IU / kg per day.

Warnings for the ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection:

Patients Allergic to any component of this drug should not take it. People who have kidney transplants or any kind or tumor or cancer should avoid the drug as well.

People with medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney or thyroid problems should check with their doctors before using ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the drug. Breastfeed women should not take this drugs.

Precautions of the ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

The patients who buy or use the ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection can experience several’s of side effects. Some are side effects are apparent in the children which are very mild  or minor side effects, like some children experienced headaches, or have mild rashes on the body, they also can experience pain in joints and muscles minor, itching sensation can occur at the injection site, swelling of hands and feet are also common in the children

 some important major side effects of ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection is also observed in the children that’s are, severe allergic reactions, some kids experience severe nausea and vomiting, some have vision problems, in some children the level of serum thyroxin decreased, adults can also experience certain side effects after using ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection

The minor side effects in adults are the swelling of the hands and feet, feel the pain in the joints and muscles, have headaches,

Some of the important major side effects that adults any encounter are severe muscle stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of major side effect, type 2 diabetes and severe itching or pain at injection site may occur.

Glucocorticoid, thyroid hormones, insulin, and certain sex steroids have a chance to interact with ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection. It is recommended that patients be clear with the doctor about the medicines you are taking before buying ​​Kigtropin 20 i.u.  China  Injection.