HGH Genesis 30 i.u. Singapore Injection

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Product: rhGH Genesis
Manufacture: Genesis

Steroid cycle: bulking, cutting

Active substance: HGH

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HGH Genesis 30  i.u. Singapore injection

The HGH is also called human growth hormone. It is a natural substance that exists in the body of human beings. Human growth hormone found in the pituitary glands of dead bodies for the first time. In present we know many advantages of this hormone. rhGH30 IU has many applications with certain advantages.

As a supplement, people use Genesis  rhGH30 IU because we know that it has various health benefits, anti-aging effects, and youth effects of it. This drug has been in use for a long time. The usage of rhGH30 IU has been going long before later research in the field of medicine and used in injections. They are used for human consumption when they are in growth i.e. when they are a child. There are many factors regarding the intake of Genesis rhGH30 IU medicines.

Benefits and Results:

  • The main feature of it is to control body fats by melting them.
  • They are proved to be very effective than the use of testosterone in the male.
  • We can use it for bodybuilding when its small percentage mixed with androgenic steroids.


  • Joint’s pain and water retention are the most observed in patients.
  • Its constant use can cause acromegaly; in which jaws, toes, and fingers thicken in humans.
  • Bad cholesterol also increases to a higher level than normal value.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome has also been observed in some patients.

How to get and use:

  1.      Only use it if a doctor prescribed.
  2.      You can buy it from a medical store.
  3.      Its effect is even greater in persons with more physical activities i.e. Athletes.
  4.      It is applied in the skin in a subcutaneous layer of fat.
  5.      Do not shake it too hard otherwise, it will take a form other than growth hormones.

Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilders:

  •         Genesis rhGH30 IU has a very good effect on bodybuilders.
  •         It helps to remove fats from the body
  •         It also enhances the muscles of the body
  •         Researches show that it travels to life and induces it to produces insulin-like growth factor.
  •         It also increases the carbohydrate metabolism.


Human Growth Hormone for women:

  •         Its dosage in women looks safe and sound.
  •          A Low dose of HGH in women shows tendencies of healthier skin.
  •         fewer wrinkles have also been observed.
  •         Energy level also goes high.
  •         Loss of fats also observed.
  •         No adverse side effect has seen in women with its dosage.

Right dosage of HGH:

 As we know that the dosages are different in different people and also depends a lot of prescription by the doctors

  •         2-3 IU’s per day is enough.
  •          If it is a low-quality product then, 7-8 IU’s a day is advisable.
  •         The minimum time is 20 days.
  •         It needs 5 IU’s and in some cases.
  •          3 IU’s a day.
  •          It is generally mixed with an insulin syringe, bacteriostatic water, and the injection syringe.

So we can say that it has many advantages and no such adverse effects. The most common use of this drug is in growth and anti-aging.