Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection

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Brand/Manufacturer : Anhui Anke Biotechnology - China
Active Substance : Somatropin
Drug Class : Human Growth Hormones

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Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection

Humanotrope Biotechnology-30 .i.u.:

Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection is used for promotes the growth hormone factor level in our body blood, enhanced the burning of fats, increases the growth of muscle tissues in the body, it also stimulates the strength of the connective tissues of the body. Helps in the maintenance of the joints attachments, have an anti-inflammatory effect, promote the cardiovascular system, helps the liver to avoid negative responses, increase immunity, great mineralization of bones, fast immunity, prominent of muscles, high the power. It also gives energy to the body overall.

People required using the other drugs in different ways also to attain the full anabolic effect of Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection, whenever they used it. Our body must need other hormones such as androgens including testosterone enanthate, insulin (for muscle tissue growth) and thyroid hormones.

Daily Dosage:

As the drug Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection does not remain in the body tissues for a long time, therefore this is taken every enhance the long-term effect of the hormone in the body, the in injections must be taken as intravenously or intramuscularly. But the accurate amount of dosage is required per day; this amount is done after the complete examination of an athlete. Mostly, the given dose is in units i.e.: 4 to 8 units of the drug/day.

As this drug is harmful to the women who are pregnant, breastfeeding women or the ladies who are taking a dose of medicine for attaining the pregnancy.

It is necessary to consult your doctor before taking that medicine, otherwise, it causes the bad impact on the body which includes allergies of different types. Firstly, it saves the site to take the small dose of medicine, after that increase the dose if there are no harmful effects of that medicine. By using that medicine side by side, the patient must take protein and cereal rich diet. 


Low quantity usage of Humanotrope 30 i.u. has no side effect. But in rare cases, due to use of its water retaining level is lost in the body, acne problems occur, the  activity of some sebaceous glands become high due to the usage of that drug. There may be a fever, swelling, itching or rash on the spot of injection, inflammation of the tongue, lips or mouth occurred. Heavy breathing also occurred.

If that drug is not taken in a reasonable amount it causes dizziness, lowering the level of testosterone in the body, insomnia. As the liver and kidneys are the unique and important organs of the body, this drug is harmful to them like other drugs.

Review of Humanotrope 30 i.u.:

By observing that drug effects on different people, it is admitted that Humanotrope 30 i.u. made its name in the running market of pharmaceuticals. It gives the 3 days long-term effect in the body, easily removed from the blood within 6 weeks of usage. Mostly used by the athletes to boost their body before competition. It helps in giving the strength to the body, stamina, relief to muscles and increase muscle growth.