YK-11 - Magnus

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Product name: YK-11
Quantity: 4mg/ml

Pack: 50 Cap
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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YK-11 – Magnus

With the passage of time yk-11 is becoming very important in the market. It is reported that this drug has all the characteristics like the steroidal drugs but do not have undesirable ones.  While you are going to select what type of drug online then it is wise to check the possible side effects related to that drug and what is the route of its action.

Working principle:

Firstly the YK-11 attaches itself to the receptors of the androgen. This pumps to the muscles cells for the more production of the anabolic factor which leads to the increased development of the muscles.

This compound performs much better as compared to the other SARMS that comes with other androgenic receptors. In recent studies, the effect of these compounds on the muscle cells is proved much better. Studies showed that when muscle cells were injected with the 500nmol of this compound then muscle cells showed more good growth.


Like other SARM YK-11 is designed for the growth of the muscles. It is reported that this drug is effective in muscle growth, retention of the muscles as well as in the growth of the new muscle cells. In comparison with other steroidal drugs, its side effects are very minimal to low. It will not be wrong sayings that everyone wants to buy a solution which is safe in use and has minimal side effects that is the main reason that it is preferred very much over other steroidal medicines.

This drug is best for the use of building muscle mass. This drug is also good for those persons who want to keep their body muscles fit and wants to minimize their body fat. This compound helps in the growth of the body muscles. It also helps in the muscles retention as well as in the development of the muscles. This compound helps to decrease the overall amount of the body fat by burning the fat deposited into the body tissues.

The introduction of the YK-11 into the body ensures the development of the body muscles at a much faster rate. It also helps in strengthening the muscle mass.


Its use may cause body hair growth. These side effects would be positive or negative. The statement about positivity or negativity depends upon the persons liking. As if the use like body hairs then it is the welcome call otherwise it is a bad situation to deal with.

The use of such type of steroidal drugs main cause the hair loss one should keep in mind that point while using this type of the drug, also effect the prostate, it is noted that this type of the compound does not show any type of the androgenic affecting the prostate. This compound does not have any effect on the prostate like other steroidal drugs. Therefore, men can use this type of drugs without any type of worry related to the prostate.

Many users use the minimal drug to avoid the side effects related to that drug otherwise they face the problems. That is the main reason that one should consume only that amount of drug which is being recommended by the experts.