Andarine (S-4) - Magnus

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Product name: Andarine S-4
Substance: Andarine 25mg/1cap. (100caps.)
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Andarine (s-4) – Magnus

Andarine (s-4) – Magnus gives the great effect on the fat burning process just because of androgen receptor binding affinity, in the adipose tissues of the body. Researches of different scientists also show that there is unique lipoprotein decreasing activity (LPL), it is an enzyme for lipoprotein accumulation (storing of fat). This drugAndarine (s-4) – Magnus helps in reducing the fat due to the anabolic as well as androgen effects in muscles tissues. It seems that there is a great increase in the vascularity and gives promotion to a hard look, and low quality, with low water retention.


It gives 25 mg content on daily bases.

Chemical names ofAndarine (s-4) – Magnus:

It is also called S-4


In the world of athletes and bodybuilders, this drug Andarine (s-4) – Magnus act as ideal because it has no side effects as many other steroids have.

 Administration and Dosage:

The use of 50mg of Andarine (s-4) – Magnus is enough for daily routine, estimated weeks are 5-8.

It is just because of some side effects of vision. The doctors recommended almost 5 on,2 off dosage of it. Andarine (s-4) – Magnus is given to the patients for 2-day gap in the 6 to 8 weeks.

Possible side effectsAndarine S-4 Magnus Pharmaceuticals:


This drugAndarine S-4 Magnus is used as side-effect free alternative to the steroids among the athletes. Basically, it is seen that there is no special side effect of it. But, sometimes, some of its negative impact of Andarine S-4 Magnus can be estimated which includes vision disturbances when people take it in more than 50+mg dose. There is no unique negative impact of it. And this vision problem is temporary and is cleared when the dosage ofAndarine S-4 Magnus is discontinued.

The short time side effect is due to the M1 metabolite and it contributes the night blindness and there is slight yellowish tint to the vision. But sometimes these side effects are permanent or sometimes are temporary. If there is some serious problem occurs, then the dosage must be given after 2 days gap with the quantity of 5 on 2 off protocol. It is necessary to consult the doctor also.


 Varnish the area where more Andarine S-4 Magnus is seen. Some of the steroids are considered as cutting steroids and it includes Winstrol, Anavar. These steroids play a great role in leaning the body bit not helps in making the muscle mass of the body. The SARM Andarine S-4 Magnus have the resembling property like that.

The contribution of the androgen is suggested by the adipocytes and preadipocytes tissues in human due to the presence of androgen receptors. The development of adipose tissues is controlled by r=the regulation of there own receptors. As the AR binding affinity is due to Andarine S-4 Magnus, it gives the similar fat burning or destroying effect. Andarine S-4 Magnus also gives effect on the decrease in LPL (lipoprotein lipase), it is an enzyme causing deposition of fats in the body. Andarine S-4 Magnus also uses in fitting a cutting protocol for the reduction of body fat with the maintenance or regularity of muscle growth in hypocaloric conditions.