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Product name: Ibutamoren MK-677

Substance: Ibutamoren 25mg/1cap. (30caps.)

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Ibutamoren (MK-677)-Magnus

Ibutamoren is also known as the MK-677 is one of the most helpful and famous SARMS available into the market. SARMS stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. These proteins have the only ability to bind with the androgen receptors into the muscles. In this perspective it is better to use as compare to the steroidal drugs because those types of drugs bind with the androgen receptors into the muscles, skin and other internal organs, this may be harmful to the body normal functioning while SARMs use is without facing any side effect. Their selectiveness makes the ratio between anabolism and androgen effects 10:1 while in case of testosterone this ratio is 1:1 that’s why SARMS are preferred so that androgen side effects can be avoided.


After its production firstly it was used for the treatment of patients who lose their muscles by having conditions such as HIV, and also for the elders having a deficiency in the testosterone level. Due to its cost -effectiveness and it  better results it is a more recommended drug. Among experts and bodybuilders, it is one of the most famous drugs for the development of the body muscles. As it has the properties of increasing the growth hormone production level. As growth hormones have great importance in our body and have many positive impacts on our body functioning that is the main reason that we are giving great importance to that drug. Now if we only focus on the athletes and bodybuilders then it is the best drug and benefits include bone density, utilization of the nutrients, shedding of the body fat, muscle production, healthy skin complexion and endurance and high level of the energy. HGH daily injection intake is very necessary for the increase in the HGH and this whole process needs lots of expenditure and practically is also is very hard to do.


Growth hormone level is increased by daily intake of the 5mg of the ibutamoren. Two studies were done to understand the effects of that drug in the first one the person who was suffering from the condition of muscle wasting wag given 25mg injection of that drug and in only one weak IGF-1 and GH level in the body increases to a remarkable level and improvement remains continued until he was injected with that drug.

The second study was done to check whether this drug is involved in the muscle development or the fat burning. And the results showed that it helps in the development of the body muscles and hardening of the bones as well as decreases the body fat level.


If talk about side effects related to that drug then there are very few to none. In case of using overdose or the use of the drug for a very long time may cause few problems. Its use can cause complications in the people having prolactin problem which is less than 1 %. Increased level of the prolactin may cause the symptoms of the gynecomastiahowever, the chance is very small to 1 % only.