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Product: Oxymetholone

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 50 mg/tab

Pack: 50 tab

Active substance: Oxymetholone 50mg/1tab. (50tabs.)

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Oxymetholone 50mg – Magnus

Oxymetholone is one of the most famous anabolic steroids in the market available nowadays. It was manufactured and released in the last century in early 60-s. Firstly its use was totally for the medical purposes for example for the patients with anemia and foe the malnutrition people and for the weak patients.


This drug is recommended only for the young athletes who have not any medical problems and are healthy from every perspective. Before starting the intake with this drug the person undergoes through a medical examination so that any potential health problems can be identified. For beginners, the best time, of course, is 4 weeks and for the professional athletes, 6 weeks are enough.

If the intake of dose increased through a limited level then there is not any fast progress of the growth but it leads to the adverse side effects.

Like other drugs, in this drug, it is not recommended the uptake of the combination of the drugs. For a quick start, oxymetholone is good to give the rapid anabolic effect. After ingestion, its effects can be felt immediately.To increase t power performance, muscular drugs are often used i.e. trenbolone, Primobolan, and boldenone – with stanozolol suspension and testosterone esters. For the muscular fullness bodybuilders often use Oxymetholone directly before the competition.


50 mg per day of the drug is considered the optimal drug dosing.100mg per day is considered as critical dose and some athletes accept this dose experience who train long period of time. However it should be remembered that it is a criterion of extreme dosage of the drug, and its side effects and its magnitude will be high if you go to this framework.

Newcomers as well as injured or long-term care athletes should take the drug, at the level of 50mg per day.

Precautions related to Oxymetholone:

Side effects can be caused by using other anabolic steroids. Swelling manifest, fluid accumulation in the body and gynecomastia are the most common side effects. Its structure is derived from a drug dihydrotestosterone that’s why shows no progestogenic effects. Due to physiological characteristics of the organism, there may be displeasing symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and possible deterioration of appetite in some athletes.

This steroid preparation is dangerous to the human body according to the opinion of both devotee and professional band. This directs the conditions in the construction of the methodology of receiving anabolic steroids. Straight course is the most satisfactory and efficient rate. In this course, athletes take the drug in smaller quantity and then increase the dose gradually. That is the main reason that the anabolic effect leads to high weight gain, fat burning, and increase the characteristics and power of the athletes. The drug is available on medical as well as online stores but the risk of the fake product is high in case of online shopping of this drug. To avoid the risk of non-authentic drug the drug should be taken from any authentic source so that prevention from the fake medicine is possible.