TEST C - Testosterone cypionate U.S.P. 250mg - Magnus

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Product: TEST C - Testosterone cypionate U.S.P. 
Manufacturing:  Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 250mg
Pack: 10ml VIAL

Cycle Steroids: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone cypionate

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TEST C - Testosterone cypionate U.S.P. 250mg – Magnus

Testosterone cypionate U.S.P. 250mg (test c) is a hormone with high androgenic and anabolic properties. It is the best steroid if one person is susceptible to the persuasion of more size and strength. It is available for the treatment of the low level of the testosterone and is available in the form of the injections. It causes the increase in the level of the muscle nitrogen and more nitrogen into the muscle causes the more production of the proteins.

It is also involved in increasing the level of another anabolic hormone, IGF-1 in muscle tissues which causes increased anabolic activity. It is also involved in increasing the activity of the satellite cells. These cells play a very important role in repairing the damage of the cell.

Testosterone binding with the androgen receptors increases the mechanisms dependent on these receptors includes the fat burning and building of the muscles.

It is the class of those organic compounds who yields the organic and inorganic acids while reacts with water. Mostly carboxylic acid is the precursor for most of the esters. The solubility of that testosterone into the blood depends upon the carbon chain attached with the ester. If the carbon chain length is very short then the small size of ester will be produced and the medicine will be more soluble.

Administration route:

The route of administration for this testosterone type is intramuscular (IM), topical to the skin, solution, ointment, transdermal for the transdermal absorption etc. it’s also used for the onset of the puberty in boys who are delayed in puberty. It is also used in females for the treatment of cancer of certain type.


This type of testosterone is also used for the treatment of the low testosterone level in some men and low testosterone level in boys can cause many problems. In case of low level of the testosterone into the body, several problems appear e.g. loss of muscle mass, decreased strength, and decreased sexual performance, increased body fat and very low energy level. In the cycle of the testosterone cypionate, every anabolic steroid helpful for the body is produced. More lean muscles can be gained by using this drug with a led gain of the fat. With the intake of that drug, you have to take good diet. The weight gain, in this case will be good for health means less fat storage and an increase in the mass of the lean muscles. Low level of testosterone is the causative agent of the Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and many other serious diseases.


The use of testosterone cypionate according to the prescription of the doctor is good for body health. In the case of overdose, the body main can face many problems related to the testosterone level of the body. With the uptake of the testosterone tablet specific type of diet is also required; in case of improper diet the body can face many complications. Especially in case of females, the use of drug and diet according to the drug should be specially prescribed by the doctor.