Dapoxy-60 Shree Venkatesh 60mg/tab [10 tabs]

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Product: Dapoxy-60
Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh
Quantity: 60 mg/tablet
Pack: 10 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sexual health

Active substance: Dapoxetine

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Dapoxy-60 Shree Venkatesh 60mg/tab 10 tabs

This drug is basically used for the problem and the treatment of the premature ejaculation in men and the active component of this drug is the Dapoxetine. It is a selective inhibitor of the serotonin reuptake (SSRI) short-acting. Its clinical trails and experimentation show that it is quite effective to prevent the premature ejaculation in the men. According to all cases and statistics about 1/3 of the population of the male are suffering from this problem and inability to keep long-term erection during sexual intercourse and by using this drug they can extend their sexual intercourse 3-4 times which is quite impressive. The ejaculation is delay by blocking the receptors and by absorbing the serotonin in the cerebral cortex during sexual intercourse. This drug should be taken before 30 minutes of planned sexual intercourse. It gives you maximum response for almost 2 hours after taking a pill, the maximum effect of this drug occurs within 20-40 minutes to 1.5-2 hours. This drug is also used for the problem of erectile dysfunction and mainly for premature ejaculation problem. This drug helps men by improving there standard and quality of sexual life and as well as psychological status. This drug is having a prolonged action. Take this drug before 40 minutes of sexual intercourse and according to the clinical research, this drug increase your duration of sexual intercourse up to 4 times. It is quite effective and safe to use and it is eliminated from the body after a few hours of its intake and it is effective for a long period of time.

The course and dosage:

It is recommended to take this drug 40minutes before planned sexual intercourse, and dosage of 60mg should be taken once a day with water. This not affects the efficacy by the time of food intake. And it is recommended not to take alcoholic drinks when you take this drug because alcohol can reduce its result. And it is not recommended to take this drug when you take other drugs such as antidepressants, lithium, linezolid reception, trnovany, fro by, tramadol, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and other drugs which are design to prevent a headache And it is recommended that after taking Dapoxy-60 Shree Venkatesh not take any other medicine even for a whole week.

Side Effects:

After all clinical research and experimentation not any serious adverse effect of this drug are revealed. But some cases of nausea, headache, dizziness, hypertension and some other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are reported. To avoid these side effects not take a high dose of it and not take alcohol after the intake of this drug. Stop using this drug if you feel any side effect. Allergic patients should not take this drug and the patients of some other diseases like chronic diseases of liver, heart and kidneys.  Consult a doctor before its use even if you have ever had any other problem just like any mental disorder, hypertension. if you are taking any other medicine to consult a doctor before use Depoxy-60 Shree Venkatesh.