Essentiale Forte N cps.100x300mg - Protect liver

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Essential phospholipids. For the treatment and prevention of all forms of acute and chronic liver disease, in cases of hepatic impairment in gestosis, the prevention of gall stones formation, psoriasis and radiation syndrome.

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Essentiale Forte N cps.100x300mg - Protect liver


This medicine contains so-called Essential phospholipids which are the part of the cell membrane. And in the liver diseases in which the hepatic cell metabolism is impaired, in this phospholipids are preferably used by the liver cells and phospholipids are incorporated into their cells membranes are administered. Essential forte N cps supports the following:

  •         It normalizes the impaired functions of the liver cells.
  •         It releases energy reserves in the liver tissues.
  •         Its normalize the enzymatic activities of the liver cells.
  •         It promotes and accelerates the regeneration of the cells of the liver.
  •         It helps to adjust the balance of the lipids of blood.
  •         It also helps to stabilize the bile.


Essential Forte N is a type of an herbal remedy for the different type of diseases of the liver. Essential Forte N is used to improve the different types of the health problems such as the appetite, hepatitis; it also helps to repair liver damage caused by the toxic-nutritional damages or any other cause of liver damage.


The Essential Forte N is a medicine which is contraindicated in the patients which are hypersensitive to the phosphatidycholine and or any other ingredient or components which are present in the Essentiale Forte N.


Not much adverse effects of this medicine. This medicine is usually well tolerated. If someones need to take increased doses of this medicine only on the recommendation of the doctor or a physician. Diarrhea happened due to the high intake of this medicine. In rare cases, allergic reaction happened e.g. skin rashes and the itching due to the intake of this medicine. If someone faces or experience any other undesirable effects or other unusual reactions, talk to your doctor before the next use of this medicine and use it with the consultation of your doctor


Interaction of this medicine is very much unknown. Before use tells your doctor about all the medicines which you are currently using, and including those on the market.

Dosage and method of administering:

Adults, adolescents, and children who are over 12 years of age43 kg approximately usually take 2 doses three times a day after the recommendation of the doctor. Capsules are used as a whole, uncut while eating and drinking with a little amount of water or some other fluid

Special precautions Related to this:

Without the consent of the doctor or physician do not take medicine for as long as 4 weeks. Talk to your doctor if you experience the side effects or some other unusual reaction, or if the symptoms do not improve or getting worse over the course of 2 weeks. It requires increased attention, coordination of movements and rapid decision making power if the medication does not shows its effect e.g. driving a motor car, operating some machinery or working at height. If someone takes a high dose or accidentally ingest a large amount of this medicine or capsule consult doctor or physician as soon as possible