Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology - 30iu

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Brand/Manufacturer :  Anhui Anke Biotechnology - China
Active Substance :  Somatropin
Drug Class : Human Growth Hormones

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Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology – 30iu

It is a cheap china injection. This drug increase the growth hormone level in the blood, it also enhances the growth of the muscles tissues in the body, it also increase the burning of fats reserves in the body, it gives strength to the connective tissues of the body. It significantly increases the power of the body, increase the prominence of the muscle, enhance immunity factors, it also has an anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps to protect the liver against different negative factors, it also increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, it increases the bone mineralization, it also helps to strengthen the connections of the joints, basically as a whole it energizes the connective tissues of the whole body

To achieve the full anabolic effect of the Humanotrope injection, you need to include other drugs as well to complement it by other means. Most of the body needs thyroid hormone androgens e.g. Testosterone and insulin which has a positive effect on the growth of the growth of the muscle tissues

The course and dosage

This drug is not accumulating in the tissues of the body and blood so it must take every day. This injection is made for intramuscular route and subcutaneously route of administration, it will never take through intravenous route. It induces long-term effects on the different hormones of the body. The recommended dose of 4-8 units of drug per day and done individually under the expected result and the data of the athlete

It is not recommended for the pregnant women, breastfeeding women and for those persons who take some other medication already before planning the pregnancy and when taking any dietary supplements. With the presence of contradictions and sensitivity of the individual to the drug components.

You need to consult a doctor before taking to avoid the negative effects of this drug such as allergies and some other side effects. It is very necessary, to begin with very small dose to check the reactions of the organisms to the drug. In the absence of side effects, the rate of working can increase. And the most important thing it is necessary to take a full diet which is rich in proteins and high in calories


The necessary dose of the Humanotrope 30iu a china injection does not cause side effects, but in some cases side effects occur in the form of the increase in the activity of the sebaceous gland, acne, and as well as in reducing libido which for receiving is increased, water retention in the body, fever occur and redness and swelling at the site of injection administered. Swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue, heavy breathing and the compression of the chest occurs. This drug can cause rashes, acne on the body, it may also increase the activity of sebaceous glands, it causes dizziness, insomnia, and it also reduces the testosterone level in the body. It may also have some toxic effects on the liver and on the kidneys.