Hygetropin HGH - 10 Vials 100 IU

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Product: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone ( rhGH ) for injection
Manufacture: Hygene BioPharm
Pack: 10iu x 1 vials 10iu Kit

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Somatropin ( rDNA origin ) 

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Hygetropin HGH – 1 vial 10lu

Hygetropin 10lu it is a china injection; it is one of the newly synthesized hormones, which is one of the strongest hormones at the present. It is a type of a growth hormone which is forms in the liver (naturally or synthetically).it is developed under different circumstances it is developed as a result of a mechanical muscle injury in the muscle fibers. It also promotes the growth bag, increasing the relief of the muscles, it also increases the flow of the blood, it increases vascularity, it increases pump rate of the heart, it increases the capillary network in the muscles and bone tissues and it also increases the recovery after a hard training or workout.

This injection has many other properties as well. It also helps to increase the immunity, it helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, it may also improve the properties of the skin and as well as neuroprotective effect to protect the nervous system of a person. Basically, it helps to stimulate the injury recovery by repairing the tissues of the body. It also helps after a heart attack in the repairing process. Simply this drug promotes the growth of the new cells and recovers them in the muscle tissues of the body

The course and dosage of Hygetropin

Hygetropin is a cheap drug which you can have, recommended to take twice in a day in doses of 2 units, in the morning and as well as after the training. For the proper determination of the appropriate dose, you need to conduct a blood test and you have to consult a doctor for this. Hygetropin is not recommended for the women, for pregnant women, for the women who breastfeed and a person who is below the age of 18. Everybody is different from each other before taking you to need to consult with a physician. This thing helps you to avoid the side effect and allergic reactions of this particular drug. In the early days of the technique to follow the response of the organism to the drug. This is starting with the minimum dose and gradually increases it to operating

It is not recommended if there are contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug components. The course and dosage of the drug are selected individually and is also depends on the physiology of the athletes and expected results


The correct dosage and course of administration of the drug, side effect not occur. This drug is rapidly excreted from the body. The exceptions are cases of over dosage or drug application after the recommendation course. Side effects such as acne rashes, and the roughness of the voice of men and women, hair growth on the body and face, weird hair loss, high blood pressure, the toxic effects on the liver and kidneys, as well as the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The rapid heartbeat, the rise in the temperature of the body, sleeping disorders, insomnia and many other problems.