Cypionate LA Pharma 1ml vial [200mg/1ml]

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Product: Cypionate
Manufacture: LA Pharma
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Cypionate LA Pharma 1ml vial (200mg/1ml)

Cypionate is a testosterone formulation having long time action period and it is used in the treatment of those individuals who have a very low level of hormones. Sometimes it is called by Depot testosterone. As this type of testosterone is esterifies and thus have long action. Its available form in the market is injections. It is injected into the buttock area and it is soluble into sesame or cottonseed oil. The physical appearance of cypionate is white milky powder. This steroid is insoluble into the water and soluble in most of the organic solvents including vegetable oils.


Testosterone cypionate is used for the treatment of those men who have a low level of testosterone or there is some sort of failure in hormone secretion or in the formation of the hormone.

This type of testosterone is also used by athletes and bodybuilders. This testosterone type like others is used by weightlifters and wrestlers.


Many users address that the use of cypionate increased their aggression level. Many athletes said that its use increases their exercise practice to very intense level. When the cypionate is injected in very small amount then its side effects are rare and are reversible also. The females who decide to take this hormone to face the virilizing situation and these side effects are irreversible either by stopping the drug dose. In case of unbalanced dose, the side effects of this hormone include nausea, vomiting, swelling, headaches, acne, oily skin, decreased libido, mental challenges like anger, increased body hairs in females, depression, insomnia, diaphoresis, loss of hairs.

When taken by females cause virilizing effects like deepening of voice, hoarseness, excess hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, enlarged clitoris etc. In fatty tissues, the testosterone cypionate converts into estrogen, as a result, the estrogen leads to the water retention and the enlargement of the breast. In females, these effects appeared after 4 weeks use of steroids. In case of discontinuous uptake of cypionate sometimes recovery is possible.


As testosterone cypionate is available into injection form and is administered through injections. These oily injectables are only injected into the muscles. Testosterone cypionate’s two strengths of 100mg and 200mg are available. It is made only as intramuscular injections. In the buttock area, the drug is injected after 7-12 days only once. Almost majority of testosterone cypionate found in the bounded form with protein only 2% is present in Free State. Normally the drug is injected only one time in a week but few bodybuilders take injections every second day. Normally its recommendation is prohibited and its excessive use leads abscess, sores and skin infections.

If the injection uptake is for a long time period then it is better to rotate the place of injection every time. These suspensions cannot be injected into the arms and abdomen due to the reason as they are oily in nature. The normal dose of testosterone cypionate is ranged between 50-400mg per week; quantity depends upon the condition to be treated.