Terpafen-50 Shree Venkatesh 20 tab

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Product: Terpafen-50
Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh
Quantity: 50 mg/tablet
Pack: 20 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Clomiphene Citrate

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Terpafen-50 Shree Venkatesh 20 tab

In India, a company produces this drug which is a very popular medication. It is used of various purposes in sports like in first place, to avoid those effects adverse caused by the use long of steroids anabolic and androgenic; in second place, to improve the testosterone natural.

In other areas used effectively, such as medicine Terpafen can be. The indications for the use in the practice medicine in their following: when infertility by ambulation with oligospermia in galaktoreeacausada by the hypertrophy of gland pituitary, with the deficiency of androgen, with ovaries polycystic and other, are also there.

Antiestrogen is citrate of clomiphene in the heart of drug. This drug is very popular in the sports and medical practice due to its active substance. The secret behind the success is not even in the plural, but it is very useful and helpful properties and is very useful for the treatment of people (the treatment of disease, stimulation of ovulation, the prevention of pregnancy, etc.) and also used to support athletes who use anabolic steroids and androgen.

Effects clomiphene citrate that is:

·        Their antiestrogenic properties lead to the blocking of their receptors of estradiol and estrogen in the cells.

·        The drug is not stopped and does not block the process of making or production of estrogen in itself.

·        The action exerted by Terpafen-50, allow the athlete to achieve not insignificant  improvements and the negative effects related to the use of steroids from the practical point of view

·         Firstly, this drug antiestrogen aids to normalize and optimize the level of natural testosterone. Therefore reduce or eliminates the risk of mass muscle loss, typed in course AAS( this enhance the production of testosterone, which then prevents the increase of their catabolic process)

·        After that when you receive a signal or effect to reduce or minimize or maybe eliminate the estrogenic side effects caused by prolonged use of aromatizing steroids, which is due to retention of gynecomastia, liquid, enhance or increase in fats).


Apart from this is, this is not everything. The applications according to the guideline are the following:

·        The medication may also have very important and significant preventive effect in the development and formation of osteoporosis bone. this is not very useful only for the people who are players or athletes who continuously and constantly do physical exercise, but also very much significant for every people from the world of sports.

Clomiphene citrate course and dose

This medicine is given to the person from the world of sports recommended especially for men. So we can say the women in sports must not use Terpafen-50, if they do not want to violate the natural level of hormones in the body for sure.

But this is not as such simple at all: some experienced athletes sometimes use the citrate of clomiphene antiestrogen on the base to achieve the burning of fat more tangible, also required for the competition. The men can carry this drug without any fear but the excess of everything is bad.