Testex Elmu Prolongatum Q Pharma 2ml amp (250mg/2ml)

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Product: Testex Elmu Prolongatum
Manufacture: Q Pharma
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 2 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Elmu Testex Prolongatum Q Pharma 2ml amp (250mg / 2ml)

The drug is basically based on anabolic and androgenic steroids ciclopentilpropionate of testosterone. This is the type of those esters which are overlong, with a half life of 15-16 days. The high concentration of this hormone in the blood can be obtained by the solution of oil during along, which reduces the frequency of its injections; although possible the phenomenon of reversion and retention of liquid is rear. Action of testex prolonogatum again repeated the usual effects of testosterone; there is only the one difference which is time. Steroids effects greatly influence the physical and emotional behaviors of a man. Perhaps the only drawback of the drug is its estrogenic activity. But if anyone used this drug in a proper way in related to the corresponding course of FCT and pharmacology, most of the negative and adverse effects of this drug can be reduced and eliminated.

On the other hand it has a pronounced and a prominent effect: pronunciation muscle mass gain.  The volume of the muscle will increase rapidly, but according to the research in this process up to 30% of the typed is lost after the course. This increase the electricity of tariffs, increase the motivation and aggression, it also increase the appetite and libido in the course. It is also noted that this also increase the desire to train, which reduces the amount of time needed to restore power after exercising. 

Ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone course and dose

Below the threshold of steroids in rate does not give a significant effect, but as we know excess of everything is bad so the amount of this drug in excess quantity is not administrated to promotes and enhance the effects. The maximum dose of ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone is 1000 mg. the estrogen activity of ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone removes the tamoxifen or proviron. The development of gynecomastia inhibits by the antiestrogen activity. Course lasting for more than one month by using ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone, for this purpose we recommend the use of gonadotropin. The scheme is more common when we use nandrolone in a quantity of 200mg by week (in this case total weekly dose of AAS is 400mg), with regard to the form of carry testex prolongatum along with other members of AA.

This drug is not good for women should not take by pregnant women, nursing mothers, the same character at the age of 18. Please consult with the doctor before using this or any kind of medication. This will allow reducing or avoiding the side effects and allergies due to this drug. It is also not allowed or recommended to take with contraindications and a person’s sensitivity to the drug.

Ciclopentilpropionato of testosterone views

Phenomenon of reversion is caused by most of the complaints. Virtually al those critical of testex prolonogatum 250 shows or indicates the unpleasant characteristics. Apart of this, the athletes who are using proper pharmacology and FCT in the course, have very less chance to suffer from the loss of volume and weight.