Winstrol Depot DESMA 40 tabs (2mg/tab)

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Product: Winstrol Depot
Manufacture: DESMA
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Winstrol Depot DESMA 40 tabs (2mg/tab)

The winstrol is known as a very efficient anabolic steroid, it helps in building rigid body mass, removes fluids from the body, burns fat, dry muscles and significant increases in the power rate. The significant effects and results of this drug can be seen in athletes. This drug is one of the most famous drugs (steroids) due to its more powerful properties and relatively safe nature since its properties related to the androgenic reduce to minimum .

The results related to that drug surpass all the expected scientific information. The anabolic properties of the drug were three times more efficient than others. After manufacturing, it was first used for the horses of racing as veterinary medicine. The animals that were treated with this drug caught the attention of the athletes due to their unique features like high speed and well-grown body mass. After this, the drug becomes famous between bodybuilders, weightlifting and among the athletics of several types.

It is also used in the treatment of the anemia and many other medical procedures like for restoring the health of a patient after surgery and in angioedema hereditary. This medicine is used in specified directions for medical purposes. The active period of the drug is 8 hours after that specified time period the blood hormone concentration gets reduces and its performance weakens. That’s why the drug must be used every day for proper results

Winstrol course and stanozolol dosage:

Its cycle time for the cycle of the stanozolol is 6-7 weeks, proper balanced diet is required for the proper training and sports. The point of action of the drug on the genetic level, causes the stimulation of the anabolic processes.

For men, 16 to 30 mg of the winstrol tablet (steroid) is recommended per day. The dosage tablet recommended for females is 4-8 mg per day for the prevention of the side effects related to the androgens. The Winstrol course for the experienced athletes is 150-250 mg per day but the liver enzyme balance is kept in balance quantity to avoid the liver complications. The new beginners of steroids despite the sufficient information and the opinions asked for the combination of the other drugs. One question is most probably asked by many people like how to take medicine. The best time to take medicine is after a meal with water in the morning.


The female athletes either they uptake such medicines in the slight amount it causes the severe effects on their monthly cycles as well as their reproductive processes. The peoples with liver and kidney disorders should not take such medicines because their use causes load on the liver and kidney functions. People having cancer are prevented for its use.

It is used requires surveillance continuous of the liver, due to the hepatotoxicity, to prevent the development of violations serious in its work.

However, anabolic is to be less toxic or harmless and does not cause serious side effects.

The lack of flavor and conversion into estrogen makes the drug safe and easy application. Subject to dose reasonable threatened gynecomastia, atrophy testicular or baldness, the women can avoid masculinization and virilization easily.