ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg

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Product: Anapolon
Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim
Quantity: 50 mg/tablet
Pack: 40 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Anadrol

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ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg

Product Description

The product Anapolon is manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim in quantity of 50 mg in pack of 40 tablets. It is used for bulking and lean body as it contains active substance Anadrol.

Details of ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg:

Anapolon is utilized for the treatment of problems caused by chemotherapy. It is extremely useful in enhancing the red blood count in the body. Likewise, viable for keeping up and adjusting the appetite

This medicine is also a great supplement for iron building, B-12 deficiency, the formation of red blood cells and folic acid. The increased dose can result in loss of appetite and reduced hunger.

It improves the nitrogen maintenance in the cells by which protein is also increased.

It can be consumed for recuperating damaged tissues and joint problems.

Benefits of ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg:

Anapolon helps in the treatment of severe types of anemia like aplastic anemia, myelofibrosis, hypoplastic anemia.

improvement of blood circulation

It helps in increasing the body resistance

increasing the intensity of the load;

Patients with sexually transmitted diseases use this medicine for controlling rapidly decreasing weight.

It also increases the oxygen-carrying capacity in the body.

It is used to increase protein synthesis that is effective for increasing the production of cells in the body.

This synthetic steroid also helps in rapid recovery between heavy workouts.

This drug is very effective for muscle mass, muscle strength, bone density, weight gain.

It is used for treating the diseases like hereditary angioedema, acute abdominal, and facial angioedema.

It contains androgenic properties that do not aromatize this is used for increasing muscle mass and strengthening the muscles by activating anabolic activity in the body.

Doctor’s recommendation and consultancy are important if you are having any disease before taking any of these drugs. It is recommended not to take if you are having issues like Headaches, Stress, Acne and Kidney pain.

How to use ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg:

  1.     Consult the specialist and discuss your medical condition with him.
  2.     Before use, you should know about the administration of the drug
  3.     Complete your course as prescribed by the doctor
  4.     Don't take a high dosage.
  5.     Daily examine your medical conditions

Results of ANAPOLON (ABDI IBRAHIM - Turkey) 40 tablets x 50mg:

The steroid is used for anabolic issues and helps to build red blood cells and supply oxygen to the muscles.

This medicine helps to recover quickly and speedy gain in muscle mass. This is recommended to bodybuilders and athletes for a week before their performance as it enhances the overall muscular strength and recover weakness quickly and give them a fuller look.

Till the present date longer time effects for any steroid have not been recorded and studied but short termly tempered benefits have seen and observed. Complete recommended dosages for the product with its mechanism is provided on the portal please visit the web page at