Oxydrol 50mg x 100 tablets (British Dragon)

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Product: Oxydrol
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 50 mg/tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Oxymethelone

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Oxydrol 50mg x 100 tablets (British Dragon)

Product Description

The product Oxydrol is manufactured by British Dragon in quantity of 50 mg per tablet in pack of 100 tablets. This medicine is famously used for the purpose of bulking and lean body mass, It contains active substance Oxymethelone.  


Anapolon is an anabolic hormonal drug used for increasing the production of red blood cells by increasing the erythropoietin cells activities. It is highly recommended by professionals for cutting the cycles; very helpful for a ripped physique.

It actively Stimulates the androgen receptor and actuated the protein synthesis and erythropoietin production that in turn produces red blood cells in the body. This drug may fortify muscle development, hemoglobin and enhances the bone thickness.

Anapolon Oxymetholone from protein catabolism and rapidly in increasing the weight. This hormonal steroid helps in recovery from injuries, damaged tissues, treatment of bone pain due to osteoporosis.

It functions by the composition of an attached carbon atom with supplanted with an oxygen molecule. This substitution of a carbon atom for an oxygen molecule is additionally what is accepted to build the anabolic ability of Oxymetholone.


  1.      This drug is effective for people having muscle wasting issues like HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.
  2.      People use this drug for maintaining their rapidly increasing weight.
  3.      It is a synthetic steroid that can be used got activating muscle synthesis and boosts up an appetite.
  4.      This drug is effective for the treatment of diseases like Osteoporosis.
  5.      It allows sportsman and athletes to get more reps into every workout and enhance their performance by developing stamina.
  6.      It is very helpful for increasing production of red blood cells
  7.      It enhances the muscular endurance with rapid recovery.
  8.      This drug is used for treating anemia, idiopathic stature hypogonadism, and other diseases.

Oxymetholone stimulates anabolic hormone and activates protein synthesis of muscles by increasing amino acids in the body.it effectively works for reduction of fats, increases in physical strength and enhancing the bone density.

It is used for the treatment of rabies encephalitis. Oxymetholone helps to recover health after surgery, tumor or chronic infections.

Professional use this drug for gaining weight, increasing muscle strength, better performance, speed, endurance, and aggressiveness.it can increase muscle gains and strengthen the tissues of the muscles. It not only enhances the tissues but also increases the metabolic activities.it is popularly recommended by the athletes and sportsman for the fat burning and prevent wasting of muscles.

Some athletes have recorded negative effects like biliary stasis, fattening of cells of the liver as the product contains alpha methyl which is toxic for the liver to some degree, allergic reactions, fasten heartbeat on heavy and longer use of the medicine.

To avoid the reactions of steroid medicine, try to use aromatase inhibitors mainly with the anabolic steroids. 

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