Andrometh 50, Methandienone, Thaiger Pharma, 50 mg/ml, 10 ml

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Product: Andrometh 50

Manufacture: Thaiger Pharma

Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone

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Andrometh 50

Product Description

The Product Andrometh, containing pharmaceutical name Methandrostenolone Methandienone, in quantity of 10 ml vial containing 25 mg per ml. This medicine is used for bulking as it contains active substance Methandienone.


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The foundation of the active element of this drug is a modified hormone, testosterone. The average dosage course is approximately up to 6 weeks. To get the best results of this medication for an athlete works on several dosages per day. The best way would be 3 single measurements of the medication, i.e., morning, evening and night.

This medicine helps to gain muscles fasts. It helps in the growth of tissues. A rapid increase in red blood cells. It helps to improve the Metabolic growth. This drug doesn't induce hypertension. This medicine helps to reduce cardiovascular risks. It helps to Treat the sexual characteristics in the body. The drug helps in growth of sex hormones. It also helps to increase in endurance. This medicine helps in enlargement of male sex organs. This medicine helps in the treatment of hypogonadism. The drug also helps to Enhance the Performance. This medicine helps to enhance the glycogenolysis. It also helps to increase Bone density. It is the best hormonal replacement for increasing the number of sex hormones or treatment of absent endogenous testosterone. Women also use it for the treatment of Breast cancer, androgen responses. This medicine helps to increase protein muscle strength.

Methandienone cannot just enhance muscle size and quality, but Also provide conjunction with sufficient calories, great nutrition, and metabolic activity.

As every steroid carry some effect, unfortunately, the medication is, not denied of them. Therefore, it is necessary to take the reasonable and limited dosage. Remember that the ideal measurement of the steroid makers was decided for all classifications of the bodybuilders and athletes, to give the greatest impact with at least reactions in the body. Some athletes have recorded negative effects like biliary stasis, fattening of cells of the liver as the product contains alpha methyl which is toxic for the liver to some degree, allergic reactions, fasten heartbeat on heavy and longer use of the medicine. To avoid the reactions of steroid medicine, try to use aromatase inhibitors mainly with the anabolic steroids. 

Methandienone not just Enhance muscle size and quality, but Also provide conjunction with sufficient calories, great nutrition, and metabolic activity.

Another factor that has made it so notable among weightlifters is that it can ensure snappy muscle and quality increases. Methandienone helps by effectively propelling protein mix and nitrogen balancing in the body. Both these mechanisms are very helpful for muscle improvement.