Winibol 100, Stanozolol Injection, European Pharmaceutical

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Product: Winibol 100
Manufacture: European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 100 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Winibol 100

Product Description

The product Winibol is manufactured by European Pharmaceuticals in a quantity of 100 tablets. This drug is used for bulking purposes as it contains active substance Stanozolol.  


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Counsel the specialist and doctor before employing and for legitimate measurement proposal because overdose or self-drug can result in overstated issues like perspiring, queasiness, hunger, laziness, increment glucose levels and so on.

Stanozolol is a steroid popular for the treatment of various infections. It is effectively used to support muscles, generation of red platelets, improving the bone thickness and expanding the hunger.

This oral medication is utilized for invigorating proteins and produces hormones required for the generation of red platelets.

Stanozolol also used for curing different diseases which includes:

  1.     Tumors
  2.     Anxiety
  3.     Mental Disorders
  4.     Dysfunction of body organs
  5.     Trauma
  6.     Limb swelling
  7.     Intestinal issues.
  8.     HIV patients
  9.     Weight loss treatment

Mechanism of stanozolol:

  1.     This anabolic steroid is used by athletes to get lean and hard by burning the fat .it actively increases the muscle growth.
  2.     This drug works efficiently in improving the metabolism of the body as it does not hold the body fluid.
  3.     It helps in increasing the weight without increasing body fat.

Recommended in case of:

  1.     Burning fat
  2.     Increases weight
  3.     Build up body muscles
  4.     It helps in producing red blood cells   
  5.     Helps to recover damaged tissues quickly.
  6.     Athletes use this active drug to increase their speed
  7.     Boost the performance and agility.

Side effects of Stanozolol:

  1.     A rapid loss in Weight.
  2.     Irritations in several areas of the body
  3.     Pain in upper abdomen
  4.     Vomiting and nausea
  5.     Tiredness
  6.     Dizziness
  7.     Swelling in Abdomen
  8.     Jaundice
  9.     Water retention
  10.     Dehydration
  11.     Rapid loss of hair
  12.     Increase in sugar levels
  13.     Low HDL Cholesterol
  14.     High LDL cholesterol
  15.     Hair allergies
  16.     Derma logic issues
  17.     Acne
  18.     Skin diseases
  19.     Fertility and productivity issues
  20.     Deeper voice
  21.     Depression
  22.     Anxiety

Not recommended in case of:

  1.     Pregnancy
  2.     Any sort of allergies
  3.     Nursing Mothers
  4.     Breastfeeding Mothers
  5.     Lumps on chest
  6.     Age under 18 or paralyzed

How to take Medicine:

  1.     Consult your doctor before starting the complete course.
  2.     Complete your course, discontinuing medicine before its prescribed time is not ideal.
  3.     50 mg - 100 mg in a day is recommended for bodybuilders.
  4.     Athletes can take 20 mg – 50 mg of this oral active drug.
  5.     It can also be used by women but in low doses to avoid side effects.
  6.     Drink water as much as you can.
  7.     Daily monitor your medical progress from the time of dose taken to the time of its completion.
  8.     Keep this medicine away from moisture and hydrated place.
  9.     Can keep it at normal room temperature.