Turinabol, Methyltestosterone, European Pharmaceutical

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Product: Turinabol
Manufacture: European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 10 mg/tab
Pack: 50 tab

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methyltestosterone

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Turinabol tablets, 10 mg/ml, available in Pack size of 100 tabs, the active element is Chloro dehydro methyltestosterone; recommended for muscle strengthening and increasing the muscle mass.

Oral Turinabol, authoritatively known as 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is essentially a fundamentally modified type of Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), which itself is a subsidiary of testosterone. The auxiliary cosmetics of Oral Turinabol is exceptionally straightforward. The compound is basically the testosterone hormone with an additional twofold bond at carbon 1 and 2, which adjusts the anabolic to androgenic proportion for anabolic. It likewise conveys an additional Chloro amass at carbon 4, which restrains the hormone from aromatizing and further diminishes its androgenic nature. The last change is an additional methyl amass at the seventeenth carbon position, which secures the hormone through an oral organization.

On a practical premise, the attributes of Oral Turinabol are exceptionally basic. Like most anabolic steroids it ought to positively affect protein synthesis and nitrogen balancing in the body, and additionally enhances the red blood count. These features are exceptionally vital as they improve the anabolic activity in the body. Protein combination in that protein is the essential building tissues of muscle and nitrogen balancing is vital for the tissue repairing and strengthening. These attributes will likewise be colossally useful regarding the body's capacity to recuperate.

The synthetic steroid is used mostly by professionals and athletes. Also, it is used for medications for severe diseases.

It is recommended for treating several types of deficiencies in the body.


The drug Will make your muscles strong by strengthening the tissues and helps to gain muscle mass rapidly. It can be taken through the mouth or can be injected into the body easily. It possesses anabolic and androgenic properties. The objective as a top priority was to ensure that competitors would keep up the anabolic boosting properties of testosterone.


It is composed of the combination of 4-chlorotestosterone compounds (Dianabol and Clostebol) and is the alternative of Dianabol. It is a much milder hormone. It reduces the risk of aromatization into the estrogens and provides reduced androgenic strengthening because of its composition.

Preventive measures:

Consult your doctor before taking this medicine and discuss your medical records. Not allowed if the patient is hypersensitive and in case of low level of folic acid, STD, and Pregnancy.


Treatment of sexual characteristics

Helps in growth of sex hormones

Increase in endurance

Enlargement in male sex organs

Treatment of hypogonadism

Enhances the Performance

Ripped and shredded body

Increase in Bone density

Increase in muscle mass

Protein synthesis Increases

Boost up the glycogenolysis

Speed and energy increases

Muscle size and muscle strength:

The drug is effective for the development of muscle tissues by increasing the metabolism in the body.

It also increases the size and strength of the muscles.

It helps to generate new protein cells in the body.

Increase in number of Red blood cells.

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