Enanbol 200, Methenolone Enanthate, European Pharmaceutical

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Product: Enanbol 200
Manufacture: European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 200 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate

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Enanbol 200

Product Description

The product Enanbol 200, is manufactured by European Pharmaceutical, in a quantity of 200 mg/ml. This drug is specially designed for bulking and mass building purposes, containing active substance Methenolone Enanthate.

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Mechanism of Action

It is basically designed for effective Gaining muscle mass. This drug stimulates the activity of the cells which enhances the number of sexual hormones. It is a synthetic steroid used for the treatment of a variety of muscular dystrophy. It is also used for the treatment of osteoporosis.

The main objective of this medicine is cutting cycles, lean mass gain, not a raw mass increase. If someone is having issues like infection, wasting disease, aggressive corticosteroid administration, or convalescence the steroid is very effective. This drug is mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders for increasing their muscles strength. Also, provide high resistance metabolism in the body. It is an active drug popularly used by the athletes and professionals because of its anabolic effect.

This drug shows its results within 10 days, observed by top-level bodybuilders. It is an anabolic steroid that activates the tissues of muscles. No fluid retention has been recorded. No Hepatotoxicity. Provides and enhances the testosterone production. Dihydrotestosterone conversion. Androgens activity increases

Benefits of Methenolone Enanthate:

1. Inhibits hormones from aromatization

2. No water retention

3. Increases hormones

4. Increase sexual characteristics

5. Ability to increase protein synthesis

6. Increase in anabolic processes

7. Prevents body from catabolism

8. Increases the glucose level

9. Production of red blood cells increases

10. Oxygen carrying capacity of muscles in the body also increases

11. used for the treatment of stress hormones

12. nutrient efficiency increases

13. Inhibition of glucocorticoids

14. Sex organs enlargement

15. Increase in anabolic processes

16. Treatment of muscular issues

17. The drug is effective for increasing the muscular activities and treatment of muscular dystrophy.

18. This oral active steroid is used for fat burning and increasing lean muscle mass as it possesses anabolic properties.

19. It is very helpful for increasing the production of red blood cells for enhancing endurance.

20. Increases the glucose level

21. It helps to promote physical and maturation of spermatozoa which maintains the sex organs.

22. stimulates the male reproductive system, effective for the development of sexual

23. The rapid increase in muscle mass

Avoid using the drug if:

  1.     If the user of medicine is already suffering from any severe disease like any Tumor or cancer.
  2.     If the patient is allergic to the meta-Cresol compound.
  3.     Not recommended for the children who are weak in bones and suffering from closed epiphyses.
  4.     If the patient is suffering from open heart surgery or stomach surgery, any trauma or breathing failure issues.
  5.     If the patient is diabetic.

Consult the doctor and physician before use and for proper dosage recommendation because overdose or self-medication can result in exaggerated problems like sweating, nausea, hunger, drowsiness, increase blood sugar levels etc.