Depobol 250, Testosterone Enanthate, European Pharmaceutical

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Product: Depobol 250
Manufacture:  European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Enanthate

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Depobol 250

Product Description

Depobol, is a steroid in form of injection, manufactured by European Chemical, used by bodybuilders and top-level athletes as it contains active substance Testosterone Enanthate.


Testosterone enanthate is another esterified testosterone hormone, firmly identified with testosterone cypionate. Indeed, these two anabolic steroids are compatible, in spite of the fact that cypionate has to some degree longer half-life as its joined ester is longer (eight carbons contrasting with seven carbons of enanthate, yet this is extremely scarcely detectable, all things considered). On the off chance that you are searching for a quick acting, solid anabolic specialist with different methods for activity and you couldn't care less especially about the symptoms, testosterone is an ideal decision for you. Obviously, the greater part of us are not neglectful of confusions like gynecomastia (bosom augmentation) or hypertension and particularly those inclined to such difficulties may think that it’s important to utilize Nolvadex or Arimidex amid the cycle and in addition after it.

The impact of taking this steroid specifically corresponding to its measurements. This is one of only a handful couple of items where there is a wonder.

Moreover, throughout treatment after utilization of cortisol blockers. You can safeguard bulk and stop the muscle loss.

This drug works best with a healthy diet and helps the body to get essential body mass and give vitality to exercises. To pick up the bulk, the medication runs well with Anadrol trenbolone and nandrolone

This drug is mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders for increasing their muscles strength. Also, provide high resistance metabolism in the body. It is an active drug popularly used by the athletes and professionals because of its anabolic effect.

Advantages of Testosterone enanthate

  1.     It is used to increase the muscle strength, enhancing muscle size and growth. The drug is effective for the rapid increase in energy
  2.     The capacity of oxygen in the body increases in the body.
  3.     Inhibits hormones from aromatization
  4.     This drug helps to gain weight faster.
  5.     This medicine helps to stimulate the appetite.
  6.     Red blood cells production also increases
  7.     Protein synthesis
  8.     Increase in nitrogen retention glycogenolysis
  9.     Ability to increase protein synthesis
  10.     Increase in anabolic processes
  11.     Prevents body from catabolism
  12.     Increases the glucose level
  13.     Oxygen carrying capacity of muscles in the
  14.     Red blood cells production also increases
  15.     Protein synthesis
  16.     Increase in nitrogen retention glycogenolysis
  17.     Ability to increase protein synthesis
  18.     Increase in anabolic processes
  19.     Prevents body from catabolism
  20.     Increases the glucose level
  21.     It is using to maintain the Balance in the body as the human body needs a static system like muscle mass, bone density, hormonal growth, neurotransmitters, overall body weight in the normal range. its androgenic nature is effective for development of the tissues, production of red blood cells and the sex hormones.

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