Biogene (rHGH) 3,3mg (10IU) BIO-PEPTIDE

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Product: Biogene (rHGH)
Manufacturer: Bio Peptide
Quantity: 3,3mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle: Biogene (rHGH)

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Biogene (rHGH) 3


Biogene (rHGH) is Manufactured by: Bio Peptid in Quantity of: 3,3mg and Package: 10ml. it is a Steroid cycle used for growth containing active principle: Biogene (rHGH)


The composition includes 40 amino acids of the drug. Helps stimulate the growth and development of muscle tissue, relieves the muscles, promotes the growth and development of muscle tissue. Increases physical endurance, reduces the time needed to restore power after heavy workouts. Promotes the burning of fat in the body. It stimulates the secretion of growth hormone promotes muscle growth of quality, has a rejuvenating effect, it regenerates the skin, strengthens the immune system of an athlete. Used in bodybuilding.


The peptide dose recommended is of 100 mg per 1 kg of weight body of the athlete. Injections given 2-3 times a day, subcutaneous, or intramuscular routes. But in any case, not must be managed by via intravenous. The dose depends on the desired effect, but not you can fold the dose or the concomitant use with other medications without talking to a doctor.

Not recommended for use in women, pregnant women, nursing mothers, as adolescents up to 18 years.

Use only in the absence of contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug. An essential part of the course is a diet high in protein and high in calories.

Them beginners should start with dose minimum, and three days to see the reaction of the organism. In the absence of side effects, you can stay the course.


-Improvement of mental processes;

-Growth of the nails;

-The growth of the hair;

-Improving muscle strength and bone mass;

-It slows down the aging process of cells in the body;

-Cellulite reduction;

-Strong and the health of the hair;

-The improvement of the process of heart and blood circulation in the body.


  1.     Before taking this medicine discuss your previous and present medical records.
  2.     Take according to the prescription of your doctor
  3.     Keep it at room temperature
  4.     Store it in the cool place
  5.     Don't take the high dosage
  6.     Daily monitor your medical condition
  7.     Check before use
  8.     It must be deduced with bacteriostatic water before using as it is available in powder form and should be kept in the refrigerator after using it.

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