Winstrol Depot DESMA (50mg/ml) 1ml

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Product: Winstrol Depot
Manufacture: DESMA
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Winstrol Depot DESMA (50mg/ml) 1ml


Winstrol Depot is an oral steroid, Manufactured by DESMA,50 mg/ml, with a pack size of 1 ml, Stanozolol

Is the functioning element; developed for the cutting the cycles and performance enhancement.

Winstrol Depot DESMA (50mg/ml) 1ml

Professions take the medication for a couple of courses for a successful increment of fit weight, the consuming of abundance fat, yet additionally essentially enhance the execution of energy. In correlation with different operators, it was observed that a huge increment in the execution of energy.

It also strengthens the muscles by enhancing the tissues in the body. It doesn't cause any type of loss in the body neither causes water retention.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is infused into the intramuscular parts utilized for the treatment of inherited angioedema, helps in enhancing the nature of the development of joints. It is utilized for the treatment of headstrong iron inadequacy anemias, Breast tumor, angioedema, lack of antithrombin III, for a production of hormones.

Uses of Winstrol Depot DESMA (50mg/ml) 1ml:

  1.     Lean appearance:

Making the body lean and reducing the extra fat in the body.

  1.     Increasing muscle mass and muscle strength:

Professional use this medicine for growth and development of the tissues.

It effectively enhances the muscle size without water retention or any kind of fluid loss from the body.

  1.     Performance enhancing drug:

This synthetic product is the best choice if you want to enhance your performance .it quickly increases the speed and power.

  1.     Enhanced Metabolism:

testosterone levels are increased as it boosts up the metabolism in the body quickly.

  1.     Helps to burn fat:

The synthetic drug is very useful for cutting and shedding helps in burning the extra calories from the body.

It is used to increase the overall muscle gain and provide protection to the tissues.

  1.     Vascular Tone:

It helps in increasing vascularity and tone.

  1.     Ripped physique:

It is used by the professionals for making their physique better.

8. treating anemia

9. It is used for the treatment of Immunoregulatory disorders associated with hereditary angioedema.

10. Fast muscle gains

11. Growth of tissues

12. Stimulate production of red blood cells

Dosage of Winstrol Depot DESMA (50mg/ml) 1ml:

  1.     It normal dosage is 50 mg in one fay for 6 to 7 weeks for men
  2.     Women can take 5 mg of Winstrol for 5 to 6 weeks

The product is easily available in online stores and from the website of the company just by placing a simple order form or calling the company operators. And the company has set its price at a very low and affordable rate so that every person can but it. This medicine is recommended to athletes and sportsmen for better performance and works well for beginners too.


It is demonstrated for the treatment of one noteworthy issue in clinical medication - inherited angioedema. It has likewise been gone for as a treatment for to a great degree safe instances of anemias and weight reduction in HIV patients. The medication is utilized to treat domesticated animals for weight pick up.

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