Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml

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Product: Sustanon 250
Manufacturer: Max Pro
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate

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Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml


Sustanon 250, manufactured by MAX PRO, THAILAND,2500 mg/10 ml, with an active life of 21 days; preferred for performance enhancement, composed with Sustanon-Mix of Testosterone.

Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml

It can be used for the stimulation of muscles tissues, production of red blood cells

Composition of Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml:

It is composed with the help of testosterone compounds namely testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone decanoate. These four compounds are combined together for enhancing the testosterone levels and treatment of a hormonal deficiency in the male. Sustanon is an injectable anabolic steroid, which is the reason it is for the most part taken by infusion. The aftereffects of the utilization of Sustanon are superb and they are joined by an articulated androgenic action. Subsequently, it is primarily utilized for the mass pick up cycle and adds to the uncommon increment in quality and bulk.

Bodybuilders use this for cutting the cycles and developing the tissues of muscle. This attached bond maintains the testosterone levels in the body. Because of reduced estrogenic property fat burning improves and helps in gaining muscle mass with the shredded body.

It is free from harm and most chronic marked medicine.

Dosage of Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml:

The normal minimum range is 250 mg in one week

For gaining mass you can take up to 500 mg in one week

Athletes and professionals consume 1000 mg in one week.

Uses of Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml:

  1.      Can be used by Women to increase estrogens.
  2.      Increase levels of sexual hormones
  3.      Muscle strength increases
  4.      Production of red blood cells
  5.      Increase in bone density
  6.      Performance enhancements
  7.      Increase in Anabolism function
  8.      Increase in protein synthesis
  9.      Effective for cutting bulking cycles
  10.      Maintain Glucose levels
  11.      Inhibition of glucocorticoids
  12.      Sex organs enlargement
  13.      It helps in Enlargement of sebaceous glands.
  14.      You can use this drug for Increasing muscle strength and mass, shoulders broadening, the growth of Adam's apple.
  15.      Increased red blood cell count
  16.      Faster recovery after workouts
  17.      Normalizing and maintaining the levels of testosterone.
  18.      Athletes use this drug for increasing their speed.

Preventive measures:

  1.      Consult your doctor before taking this medicine and discuss your medical records.
  2.      don't take it if you are hypersensitive or pregnant.
  3.      measures should be taken if you are having blood disease (uncontrollable bleeding)
  4.      low level of folic acid
  5.      STD


Sustanon is used for the enhancement of muscular activities like increased muscle mass, strengthening the tissues of the muscles. It is synthetic steroid manufactured under the Genesis company in Singapore.

It does not cause any toxicity in the body and maintains the body fluid. Sustanon 250 is intended to give a quick yet broadened arrival of testosterone, for the most part requiring infusions once every 3 to a month in a clinical setting. It also does not increase the estrogens and no water retention. You can purchase this medicine on our website,