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Product: Cypbol

Manufacture: XBS Labs
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

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Cypbol (Testosterone Cypionate) _ XBS Labs

Product Description

The product Cypbol, is manufactured by XBS laboratories in quantity of 250 mg per ml. This medicine is used for bulking and lean body mass. Recommended by athletes as it contains active substance Testosterone Cypionate.


Testosterone cypionate empowers testosterone and enacts the activities of body parts like; bone, muscle, liver and the sensory system. It enhances sexual qualities by enacting the androgenic receptor in the body activates the muscle development. It is powerful for athletic steadiness, stamina, and speed. Its anabolic nature neutralizes catabolism and will empower protect to mass and cut the cycles. It works as a characteristic hormone in the human body. It is an engineered item utilized for expanding and upgrading the muscles. Experts, players, and powerlifters utilize it to create and keep up their stamina and execution. This medicine is for the individuals who are having low levels of testosterone and helps cause average sexual change in young fellows. It resembles common testosterone delivered by your body. It works by fortifying cells and organs.

Cypionate favored by the expert for lifting weights as a result of its long half-life and direct rate of release will lessen fat and it is beneficial due to its measurements in injectable shape. A portion of the recorded positive outcomes by the utilization of solution are specified as:   

  1.     Maintain the neurotransmitters
  2.     Increase in number of red blood cells
  3.     Weight gain
  4.     To increase Muscle strength
  5.     It is the best hormonal replacement for increasing the number of sex hormones or treatment of absent endogenous testosterone.
  6.     Rapid increase In Muscle mass
  7.     Fat burning
  8.     Enhances libido
  9.     Increase the bone density
  10.     It can increase androgen levels with increased efficiency.
  11.      Breast cancer treatment
  12.     Athletes use it to increase their speed.
  13.     Sexual hormonal growth

This dynamic steroid utilized by weight lifters and, sportsman for muscles mass improvements. The principle target of this medication is to expand muscles quality and Increase the sexual hormones. This medication helps in building up the sexual hormones and treatment of postponed adolescence. Testosterone is the basic male sex hormone and is, all things considered, accountable for a segment of the physical and mental headway of men. Testosterone Cypionate propels sex drive, and the two muscles get and fat disaster. Testosterone Cypionate is basically testosterone which has encountered 17beta-esterification, to consider a persisting release through the range of around seven days. Other than this refinement (the ester), this kind of testosterone will do what all that others do.

The steroids are strong in inflammatory effects and help to cure certain kinds of diseases as well as the quick generation of power.

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Using drugs for enhancing the performance is affecting but not without risks. Take out some time before using a product and read its reviews, functions, advantages and risks associated with the drug. Please read the complete information for the medicine here